Loft conversions

Considering a loft conversion

Loft conversion whether it is for an extra bedroom or living area is an excellent solution for many families who find that they are short on space but do not want to move

The first thing you need to do when converting your loft into a usable room is to check whether there is sufficient headroom. Presuming there are no such difficulties, take a torch, a ladder and a measuring tape, squeeze through the hatch and check out the roof space. If you can’t stand up in the middle of the space, you’ve got problems. If you can stand up in the roof space, so far so good. Measure for height taking care to step only on the joists to avoid crashing through the ceiling, measure the floor area. If the highest point at the ridge has headroom of 2.3 metres or more then it is suitable for conversion.

Most standard loft conversions will involve adding steel beams, insulation, skylights, a proper floor, and a dormer window. You will also need a fixed staircase, with adequate headroom.

A new set of planning limits and conditions came into force on1st October, 2008, meaning that planning permission is not required provided that those limits and conditions are met. In most cases it is achievable.

Guidance on planning regulations:

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